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The precious metal market has not yet at least been discovered by the mass of investors. There’s still a lot of room out there. These are excellent conditions for you.

Learn how to buy the most effective precious metals. Together we develop your tailored strategy. Coins or bars? Which weight units are worthwhile? What are the differences between buying and selling? What are some important factors that must not be overlooked? This and more you will learn in joint discussions with me.

Not everyone wants to buy real estate or make investments on the stock market. Physical precious metals are real existing material values that cannot be created out of nowhere, but whose number is finite. As a result, their value can never fall to 0.

The question of which precious metal is now the better for you, gold or silver, can never be resolved simply so flatly. Every consultant offering you a magic solution is to be enjoyed with caution. This always requires individual advice on a case-by-case.

Gold has the advantage, among other things, that it has a higher value density than silver. It is also 15-20 times less rare than silver. Gold also serves as a leading metal in the market (for example, as a currency reserve for central banks). It is used, among other things, in the automotive industry, telecommunications, medicine and for gilding purposes.

Silver, on the other hand, has the advantage that it is primarily a cyclical industrial metal (e.g. consumption in high-tech devices such as solar cells, cars, cell phones, refrigerators, etc.). The price of silver rises and falls faster in relation to gold prices. Typically, investors are trading 2 pieces of silver at one part of gold. However, the silver market is much smaller than the gold markets. Smaller amounts of money can also be saved much more efficiently.

Contact me and I will share all my knowledge and experience with you and make every effort to successfully enter the precious metals market. Together we develop your individual strategy and work out a careful plan to bring you to the side of financial awareness.


Already 4000 years BC, first discoveries of gold were made in Egypt. Silver was even processed by the Greeks in the form of bars or rings in 5000 BC.

For over 5000 years, gold has served as a value store for humans. Be it as jewellery or with time as currency. This is not because gold is shiny and heavy, but because it is so hard to get. So, gold is not only rare, it is becoming even rarer in the next few years.

The number of discoveries of new gold deposits with high gold content in the rock continues to decline. Future delivery volumes will certainly never again reach the maximum values of the past. According to experts, no degradable gold deposits have existed in 20 years. In silver, it is only 17 years.
An increase in the value of precious metals is logically guaranteed!

The value and purchasing power of precious metals raised countless wars. Gold survived worldwide in-and deflation. Intrigues, social, political and financial unrest have, to this day, been untraced by the fascination and value for gold.

Gold and silver, both precious metals were always recognized and appreciated. They have always served not only as valuable jewellery, but also as protection against inflation and currency reform for numerous investors. Gold is an absolutely valuable asset insurance, where investors want to cover their assets, just don’t come by. In the case of precious metal purchases, it is not primarily a matter of price gains but, above all, of hedging your assets and further expanding them step by step.


Asset hedging by means of precious metals is also interesting, because price gains on sale in Germany from a holding period of 1 year are not covered by the capital gains tax.

No matter how much profit you make as long as you sell the precious metal after the prescribed retention period, it remains completely tax-free. If you sell within the twelve months after the purchase, however, only profits up to 600 EUR are tax exempt.

It is possible to buy precious metals completely tax-free.


It is possible to sell precious metals that you bought from us back to us. Contact me. If you have any questions about precious metals, I am your contact partner.

The Premium Precious Metal Depot

There are various purchase options that I can offer you. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the premium precious metal depot.

A depot opening is already possible from 1,000, -EUR. On request, a proportionate opening from 50, -EUR per month can also be made. You enjoy complete flexibility and do not enter a term binding.

Partial and full sales can be made at any time. The amount of the purchase can also be flexibly adjusted at any time. In addition, we offer you a transparent cost register. After purchasing the precious metals, you will also receive a deposit report and receive an additional annual sales order with the exact amount of metal and the current depot.

Gold and silver should not be bought in uncertain times. Because if the emergency has already occurred, the loss on the precious metals may be enormous. That is why it is all the more important to have concrete thoughts at an early stage and to make effective plans with competent advice.

We offer different purchase options for precious metals and we also take care of the corresponding material-friendly and safe storage.
For the management of the precious metals purchased, we work closely together with a high-security free warehouse in Switzerland. A Duty-Free warehouse is a warehouse for untaxed and duty interim storage of goods. Switzerland has established itself as the best storage location in recent years.
Because of the geological structure and its neutrality, which has been preserved for centuries, a tremendous security is guaranteed in Switzerland. The camp is located near the Zurich airport. At the same time, we offer a dynamic insurance cover for all purchased precious metals, so your financial hedging is also secured again. The metal stocks are additionally subjected to permanent revision by our trustee.

There is also the offer: Sales Plan “Gold Pension”.

In this model, your precious metal depot is created for your secure pension. Thus, from a metal value of 30,000 EUR, the retirement is feasible by possible delivery of the precious metals or even a transfer. In contrast to normal life or pension insurance, you will again enjoy many advantages here.
With the “Gold Pension” you do not enter a run-time connection and can adapt the payments to your wishes and possibilities at any time. It is also possible to suspend the payment. The sales plan Gold Pension is protected against inflation and you will receive competent and professional advice at any time.

If your precious metal depot has been in existence for 13 months, all value increases are completely free of speculation and withholding. A monthly pension payment can already be made as from 250 EUR.

I would also like to introduce you to the “Rental deposit”. With this option, your rental deposit will be created in the form of a precious metal depot. Talk to your landlord or administrator and contact us.

Due to the retal depot, an increase in assets is already possible during the rental period and implies a legally secure pledge declaration. As with all other products, the tax-free increase in value is valid for 1 year holding period. And don’t forget the most important thing: all precious metal depots are always real physical values!

Timeline Gold and Silver


ca. 4000 vChr.:

First finds of Gold/Aurum in Egypt


ca. 550 vChr.:

Coining of the first gold and silver coins: ruler Croesus in Lydia (Mediterranean coast of Asia Minor) made the first coins of gold and silver stamped.


ca. 400 vChr.:

Gold and the Struggle for world domination: Alexander the Great finances wars based on his father’s gold mines.


ca. 100 – 44 vChr.:

Construction and maintenance of the Roman Empire on a gold-basis


16. Jahrhundert:

Spain became the richest nation in the world by forays


1871 – 1918:

Goldmark as a means of payment/currency coverage in the German Reich


1896 – 1898:

Last Gold rush in history: Klondike River in Alaska



Introduction of the London gold fixing



Gold ban in the USA, as gold was used as a currency cover



Bretton Woods: US dollars are printed without recovering in gold -> More money than value security (USD Note: In God we trust)



China allows private gold ownership again


ca. 5000 vChr.:

First silver processing in the form of bars and rings in the area of Hittites (Greece)


ca. 269 vChr.:

Silver as a means of payment and trade in the Roman Republic, shortly thereafter the first silver coins followed (silver was more valuable than gold)


10. Jahrhundert

Reservoir al-Radrad at Wadi Khaniq in Yemen, the richest silver mine in the Islamic world. (1 million dirhams were produced annually)


1700 – 1840:

Worldwide, almost all wars were financed with silver reserves, the value of silver Rose



Silver is replaced by gold as a currency metal, but is still used primarily in industry



Introduction of the London silver Fixing



Increased demand for silver -> The value of silver rises, silver consumes itself and is now less abundant on earth than gold

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